Terminology:  PIMS –Practice Management Software, example: AviMark, Cornerstone, VIA & many more.

Determine where the Issue is occurring?

Questions you can ask: 

  • Is the issue happening within your Practice Management Software? Example: Cornerstone, Impromed, Avimark
  • Are you on the Antech OnLine website when you are experiencing this issue?

Issue occurring within PIMS


Clinic must contact their PIMS support team. Antech does not have the access or authority to make any changes within their Software.

-Results not importing correctly

-Results not formatted correctly in software

-Issues with info contained in software   

  generated request forms


Issue occurring within Antech OnLine Site

What is the issue the client is experiencing?

- Printing troubles

- Downloading issues

- Manual import issues

- Login/logout issues

- Report viewing issues

- Etc…


Where are they within the site when they experience this issue?

- Lab Results

- Lab Ordering

- Supply Ordering

- Test Guide

- Consultation

- Account Settings

- Etc…


Email: support@antechdiagnostics.com  

1. Account #.

2. Name, preferably first and last.

3. PIMS if applicable.

4. Specific Issues.

5. Browser and Computer/device Info (Chrome, IE,Firefox/Apple,Windows, Droid)