Downloaded results that display in orange within your AVImark requisition management are unallocated ("orphaned") reports and have not been imported into the patient's medical record.   

If the unallocated report(s) does not display the patient and owner name, please follow the steps below to add the columns information to your "Download Requisitions" tab.

  1. Click Services menu in AVImark.
  2. Click Requisition Management.
  3. Click Download Requisitions tab.
  4. Right-click on an orange requisition.
  5. Click the View Columns option.
  6. Click the + requisition to open the requisition options.
  7. Drag “Client Name” into the orphan area.
  8. Drag “Patient Name” into the orphan area.

Once you've completed the steps above (if applicable) manually import your unallocated lab result(s) into the patient's medical record:


  1. Go to patients medical record for the unallocated report.
  2. Find the charge for the test.
  3. Highlight the charge (just one line item).
  4. Open the Requisition Manager.
  5. Select the unallocated report.
  6. Highlight all the components on the bottom.
  7. Right-click and select Import Results.

Repeat the above steps until all of the unallocated reports are matched. The test results are stored under the right-hand menu, where you can mark checkboxes. Click on the word TEST. Then, click on the test result, click analytes, then print preview.